I Still Plant Trees

I planted a tree last summer in the middle of the yard.

It’s a pine that was growing between the flowers near the fence by the Koi pond. The pond has no koi currently as I don’t seem to know how to keep these beautiful fish alive.

My little tree

Anyway, the pine had planted itself and if I had left it alone, it would have grown through and uprooted the fence and looked odd amidst the shrubs. So, I dug it out and replanted it in the middle of the yard.

It took root and this year is looking like it’s growing.

It reminded me of Charlie Browns’s Christmas tree – just a little sprig. But there it is taking root in the shadows of two huge pine trees towering to around 100 feet tall.

I will never see this tree mature as a full pine. I know that. I could have thrown the sprig on the burn pile.

But I couldn’t do it. I had to plant it.

In a way, it makes no sense. If I believe in the way our climate is growing, like I said, I’ll never see it get taller than me.

But I must make a marker for the future. This little pine is a measure of defiance. Life will go on – until it doesn’t. But I want to give it a chance.

All of us deserve a chance.

So, I’ll keep an eye on it.

And celebrate life.