A Brief Introduction

At some point a discussion will be started on how to live what will be the rest of our lives on Earth, however long. My view is that the numbers, with some variations, do not lie. It could be anywhere from 7-15 years depending on the breaks, as General Turgidson might say (Dr. Strangelove).

It is important and mission critical for me, not to have this turn into a celebration of forthcoming doom but an honest discussion of how these events cause us to think about what is really important in life. For me, a lot of the angst I’ve been carrying around has fallen away. A lot of things I have been greatly worried about seem silly now.

Professor Guy McPherson’s book, ‘Only Love Remains: Dancing at the Edge of Extinction,’ I think captures it best. On his site he exhorts people to ‘passionately pursue a life of excellence.’ There is no call for laying around and sleepwalking toward oblivion when there is so much living that can be packed into what time we have.

I have been an advocate of taking a close look at your bucket list and see what is doable. Remember: where we’re going credit limits and credit reports will mean nothing. The future is now for all the things we wanted to try. In October, I will be traveling to Key West – a place I dreamed last year of visiting – in a sort of ‘saying goodbye to Florida’ tour.’

So think about it. Hopefully we can have a discussion and as things go on, I plan on inviting guests to discuss both the immediate issues facing us from a rapidly changing Earth as well as how we approach these events from a moral and spiritual side.