Idiots of the Day!

Can you take it?

Start of a recurring feature here at Last Dance. I will not reprint these in full, as people have just had breakfast. What’s in the usual denier’s scribble is enough to make a statue weep. First, here’s one from the local paper:

Letter to the editor: Censorship & disingenuous global warming report


Of greater concern is the left’s 1930s fascist censorship of conservative viewpoints by liberal tech companies. Since President Trump’s election, it seems they have been engineering the flow of information.

It took a little over 200 years to recover from the 500-year mini ice age. Trump is smart to tout our greatest resource, natural energy. Pennsylvania is No. 5 in the U.S. in oil and gas jobs, which pay $99,000 on average. Trump is the smart business choice.

What ‘liberal tech companies’ were there in the 1930s? Time Magazine? Anyway, next is the eminence gris of PJ Media, Roger Simon:

Summer Heat Wave? It’s Global Warming… Or Is It?


Any discussion of the subject at the debate will undoubtedly consist of how much money we should throw at the problem and how soon. Biden will be measured and try not to throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater, while Bernie and the ladies will attack him for being a climate weakling willing to incinerate humanity. Everyone else could well join in. Soon poor Joe will be nodding his head in agreement, begging AOC to forgive him and pledging to retrofit every picture window and storm door from San Diego to Sandusky himself. (Hey, he says he can beat Trump in push-ups.)

I’m waiting to see when climate scientists like Roget Simon find out about abrupt climate change and gleefully conclude that since the policies they promulgated have put humankind on a near term collision course with extinction, none of his precious tax money need be wasted on it. It can be skimmed to ‘fuel’ the last orgiastic spasm of mansion and bomb building.